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Pullin Accessibility Consulting serves through the entire process including the Project Registration, Preliminary Reviews, Plan Review, Onsite Inspections, Continuing Education, and overall ADA and Accessibility Consulting.  We strive to build your trust through service and being a valued consultancy partner.

Why choose Pullin Accessibility?

Customer Support

We support you throughout a project from planning to completion.

Dedicated Service

We are here to support your Accessibility needs, we share in your success.

Accessibility Consulting

We provide preliminary reviews to insure your project goes smooth.

Accessibility Training

We provide Lunch & Learns for your annual continuing education credits.

About Me

Tim Pullin - RAS # 1362

Registered Accessibility Specialist

Tim has over 30 years of experience managing large construction projects as a Project Manager and Construction Manager, bringing years of management, customer service, operations management, and construction management to the industry. As a licensed Registered Accessibility Specialist, Tim has completed over 1000 TAS Plan Reviews and Inspections for the leading design professionals in the industry. He is a member of the Accessibility Professionals Association and a certified APA-ADA Specialist Graduate. His attention to detail and process has allowed him to proficiently support the design professionals in an efficient manner.

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Complying with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), and other building accessibility codes and requirements can be a complex and challenging process. Pullin Accessibility Consulting can help you smoothly navigate through every phase of your project to achieve accessibility and avoid any costly headaches arising from noncompliance.