Project Registration

We assist through the registration process and will be your assigned as your RAS early in the process will be there to assist. We provide TDLR project filing services for you as well. If you are unable to register the project yourself, we can register it for you for no additional fees. You will need to fill out the form, Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form, and send it to us, along with the TDLR Project Filing Fee.

Plan Reviews

Pullin Accessibility Consulting will have a Registered Accessibility Specialist to complete a thorough plan review of your project and submit a detailed report to the Building Owner, Owners Agent, and the Design Professional of any potential violations to the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). The Plan Review will be completed within 10 days after all the completed information has been submitted to us. We will support you through the process, submit all the required forms to TDLR and assist you with questions or concerns.

Consulting Services

Preliminary Plan Reviews to meet with design professionals to identify potential non-complying conditions and explore design solutions prior to project registration.

Training Services

Through Lunch & Learns or Speaking Engagements, Pullin Accessibility Consulting can provide training services for annual continuing education credits for design professionals.


By TDLR standards we must inspect every project to confirm compliance with accessibility standards.  Our Inspection Fees start at $450 and increase on a graduated scale up to $25M projects.

If you have questions regarding our pricing or need something not shown on our pricing chart please contact us.

Our pricing model above is based on either you filing with TDLR and paying us only for the Plan Review + Site Inspection, or you pay us for services A-D and we will file the project with TDLR.

Payment Terms:

All fees are due with project submission along with a PO

Travel and Expenses:

Travel, Mileage, Hotel, Food, Car Rental and general expenses associated with travel for site inspections will be billed at cost plus 10% upon completion of the project.  Mileage charges will apply at $0.60 per mile charged round trip.

Project Registration with a RAS at the beginning of design is required by TDLR and there is a $175 fee due to TDLR.  We will process the filing for you and the $175 is a pass through cost to TDLR.  Download a Project Registration Form Here.

Plan Reviews start at $325 for projects starting at $50,000.  Our plan review pricing increases on a graduated scale from there, and peaks at projects greater than $25M in size.


All the Architectural Barrier Forms are located at the bottom of the page and can be downloaded for your use. We are required to have all the information listed below to complete the Plan Review Process.

If you are registering the project with TDLR:

  • TDLR Registration Confirmation Page – This form can be printed after you register the project online at the Architectural Barriers Project Registration Online site and submitted to us.
  • If you want Pullin Accessibility Consulting to register the project for you with TDLR
    • AB Project Registration Form – AB05 If you prefer Pullin Accessibility Consulting to register the project with TDLR for you, we need a fully completed AB Project Registration Form submitted to us. The Architectural Barriers registration fee of $175.00 + $25.00 is required upon registration.
  • Proof of Submission (POS) – AB042 Must be fully completed by the Design Professional and received with construction documents. The POS must be received within 20 days of date issued for regulatory review (permit).
  • Owner Agent Designation (OAD)– AB043 The Owner Agent Designation form is required to be completed and signed by building owner. This form is only required when the building owner is designating an agent to sign documents on their behalf.
  • Request for Inspection (RFI) – AB041Pullin Accessibility Consulting Prefers the Request for Inspection form to be submitted with the initial project. This form can be signed by the building owner or the designated agent (must submit signed Owner Designated Agent form). We cannot schedule the TAS Inspection without the signed RFI. The RFI does not expire so we can place it in the file and be ready to do the post construction TAS Inspection in a timely manner.
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Complying with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), and other building accessibility codes and requirements can be a complex and challenging process. Pullin Accessibility Consulting can help you smoothly navigate through every phase of your project to achieve accessibility and avoid any costly headaches arising from noncompliance.